Graduate School Alumni

Rose Stremlau

Rose Stremlau

Originally from Illinois, Stremlau pursued graduate education at UNC-Chapel Hill and now contributes to teaching, research and service as UNC-Pembroke faculty member.

Rose Stremlau, an assistant professor of history and American Indian studies at UNC-Pembroke, chose UNC-Chapel Hill in 1999 for her graduate studies.

Stremlau stayed in the state after receiving her doctorate in history and contributes to the state by teaching and mentoring American Indian students, as well as contributing to the academic excellence of UNC-Pembroke.

Having benefited from good research and teaching assistantship experiences while in graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, Stremlau was able to contribute to teaching, research and service at the university, which deepened her investment in North Carolina.

"The process of becoming a community servant began at UNC-Chapel Hill," she said. "I learned to think about larger purposes, rather than just myself. This was modeled by the faculty and the administration. There is fertile ground at Pembroke for this sort of public service, and it's a direct reflection of what I learned at UNC-Chapel Hill."