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Making a name for ourselves

You've seen the last of the Gradschool News and The Fountain magazine. We need your help in going forward.

Send us back to Carolina past

We know you have them. Tucked away in a closet or in that storage chest you hardly ever open are photos from your days as a graduate student at Carolina. We want to see them — dated hairstyles, interesting fashion choices and all.

How do you send us your photos? We're so glad you asked…

Students stock career toolkit

"Dissertation Boot Camp" — um, what does that mean? To the graduate students who sign up the minute registration opens, it means a valuable opportunity to hone skills they'll need for their future careers.

Promising futures, valuable perspectives

Linaka Norman and Mike Caprino
Is graduate school for me? Imagine being an undergraduate, maybe a first-generation college student, exploring that option. Wouldn't it be wonderful to talk to an accomplished graduate student? That's where a Royster Society of Fellows mentoring program comes in…

Listen to Mike and Linaka reflect on their experience as mentor and mentee.

Introducing the newest Royster fellows

A few months ago, Alex McVey was the assistant director of debate for George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Emily Toutkoushian was teaching in Jackson, N.C. Marie Camerota was completing her bachelor's degree at Cornell University. Dillan Bono was working for the Charities Aid Foundation in London.

Where are they now? Pursuing their doctoral studies at UNC-Chapel Hill as five-year fellows within The Graduate School's Royster Society of Fellows.

Meet Walter Farabee

You know that Carolina graduate alumni make an impact wherever they go. We have “Tar Heel Footprints” maps brimming with great examples. Read about one individual who is making a difference.