Exploring the Area

Campus, Chapel Hill, the Triangle, and North Carolina

Explore campus

  • Go on a campus tour – we even have graduate-focused ones!
  • Make sure to check out your corner of campus – and the other corners too. Carolina is big – don't miss out. Here are lots of maps.
  • Figure out where the food is – yes, you need to eat…and drink coffee?
  • Sign up for lots of listservs, find out about student discounts, and go do stuff outside of school. UNC Athletics? Morehead Planetarium? Carolina Performing Arts? What else interests you? Google it at UNC – you’ll most likely find it here.
  • WALK AROUND. You don't get to know a place until you walk it (or bike it or drive it). Oh yes, figure out your parking options.
  • Figure out where you want to relax, study, and work. Here are some places and spaces!

Explore Chapel Hill

  • There's free transportation via Chapel Hill Transit – check out the NextBus app!
  • Stroll along Franklin Street and the side streets – there are a lot of dining options.
  • Ask your friends and colleagues about student and non-student hot spots.
  • If you keep walking west on Franklin Street, you'll hit Carrboro – Weaver Street Market, Farmers' Market, the ArtsCenter, and the Cat's Cradle are highlights!
  • If you keep walking east, you'll hit the east side of Chapel Hill and Durham.
  • Check out cool goings-on at the Chapel Hill Library.
  • If you want to get involved in the town of Chapel Hill, check out various opportunities and resources.

Explore the Triangle

  • Check out the local visitors bureaus:
  • GoTriangle fares and passes are pretty convenient to get you to Durham, Raleigh, and other areas in between. And there's free transportation via GoPass if you live outside Chapel Hill and forgo your parking permit.
  • What interests you? Eating? Hiking? Music? Shopping? Sports? Kids activities? Volunteer opportunities? Google it in the Triangle! You'll find almost anything you might need.
  • Get started with Exploring the Region section of the CHART site!

Explore North Carolina