Academic & professional development:
Professional Skills & Supports

Building Professional Skills at Carolina

Professional Skills & Supports

  • As you progress at Carolina, your professional interests may shift as you become inspired by a course, engage with faculty and peers in new and different ways, and reflect on your personal and professional values.
  • Regardless of what your interests are, many campus offices exist to help you develop the professional skills necessary to explore whatever career path(s) you may ultimately wish to pursue upon graduation.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Attend workshops, take courses, and meet with individuals doing what you may potentially want to do in the future. Ask questions of them – and of yourself. Use your time at Carolina to figure out what your life after may look like.

The Graduate School – Professional Development

The Graduate School – CIRTL

  • Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a member of a network of research universities committed to preparing outstanding future faculty with the ultimate goal of improving undergraduate education across all disciplines.
  • Graduate students and postdocs can take advantage of career development courses and workshops offered locally and online by other network member institutions, build their teaching portfolio, and gain a competitive edge for the academic job market through evidence-based teaching approaches and engagement with teaching-related learning communities.


  • CareerWell is a competency-based program intended to empower Carolina graduate students, as part of the next generation of the US workforce, to gain and demonstrate essential skills sought by employers across job sectors.
  • CareerWell includes courses and activities designed in response to employer needs and led by professionals in companies, nonprofits, and government agencies.
  • These courses and activities can lead to credentials such as the Graduate Certificate in Business Fundamentals.

CareerWell Collaborations

  • CareerWell collaborations are being leveraged to establish interdisciplinary team internships, which will offer students opportunities to collect real-world work experience. Students will also be offered opportunities to participate in networking events, site visits, seminars, and workshops hosted by our partners.
  • CareerWell will also include career counseling support and a talent exchange portal through the website, in which participants can post biographical sketches and resumes to be considered by talent recruiters from our partners. We will also work with our corporate and government partners to recruit CareerWell participants for internships and job openings at those organizations.

Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE)

  • The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) works with The Graduate School to support graduate students in their roles as teaching assistants (TAs) and future faculty.
  • Initiatives like the New TA Institute provide TAs with functional skills central to their success in new/expanded TA roles as well as opportunities to apply what they learn to their initial experiences with undergraduate students.

University Career Services (UCS)

  • University Career Services (UCS) works with The Graduate School to support graduate students through any stage of career development, from early career planning to job search skills.
  • Specific workshops are geared towards graduate and professional students, particularly to address the differences in processes between job searches in academia and those in other industries. Links to additional articles and resources are available to current students through a graduate and professional student resource site on Sakai.

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