Merit Assistantships

Merit Assistantships support talented incoming master's and doctoral students.

The one-year assistantship provides financial support and may include teaching or research experience.


You are eligible if you are applying to a doctoral or master's program.

Award Amount

This award provides a stipend, tuition, and health insurance for one year.

Stipend $14,000 Master's
$20,000 Doctoral
Tuition Full tuition (academic rate only; does not include school-based tuition)
Fees Included
Health insurance Included
Length of support One 9-month academic year
TA/RA position Minimal service within your department may be included

Depending on funding, this award may change from year to year.


You cannot apply directly for a Merit Assistantship. Your program may nominate a limited number of applicants. We then select merit assistants from among nominees from across campus.

Please let your department know if you are interested in being nominated.


If you are offered this award, you must give written acceptance to The Graduate School by April 15th.

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If you have questions, contact your program or email