Royster Society of Fellows

Student Perspectives on the Royster Society

Several graduate students share their experiences on being members of the Society of Fellows:

I couldn't ask for a more supportive and encouraging program than the Royster Fellowship. The generosity of spirit has set a high standard for what I hope to give back to other up-and-coming students and researchers, both now and in the future.

–Stevie Larson, Geography

This Kenan Fellowship [within the Royster Society family of fellowships] has provided me with both the financial independence, as well as intellectual space to pursue additional avenues of study that align well with my primary research agenda. The result: I am a more well-rounded student, I am better prepared to enter the academic job market, and I have been able to more fully grasp the importance of what it means to act as a leader and a custodian of scholarship within my own discipline.

–Derrick Matthews, Health Behavior and Health Education

This fellowship allowed me to attend UNC-Chapel Hill when other schools had made compelling monetary offers. It meant so much to me to receive the fellowship because my gut instinct was that Carolina was the perfect place for me. My instinct wasn't wrong — I have had incredible opportunities to follow my academic dreams already in my first year at UNC.

–Maia Dedrick, Anthropology

Echoing what I've said about UNC as a whole, the best part of the Royster fellowship is the people — to be living and working among such a diverse and devoted group of scholars is exhilarating. I've often exchanged ideas (and meals!) with other Roysters, discussing our work, nurturing what I know will be fruitful personal and professional relationships for years to come.

–Tosha Woods Smith, Nutrition

Through this fellowship I have had the opportunity to broaden my academic interests by working with several faculty on different research projects. These opportunities have deepened my appreciation for the scientific process and I believe will make me a better researcher in the future.

–Brionna Hair, Epidemiology

The Royster Fellowship is what drew me to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. The interdisciplinary nature of the Royster community has allowed me to not only practice sharing my research with a non-Chemistry audience, but also learn of the other great research going on at the University I might not have otherwise known.

–James Grinias, Chemistry

Thanks to the Royster Fellows program, I have connected with a community of scholars across disciplines who share the same high academic and personal standards as I do. Being around other Royster Fellows reminds me of the commitment to teaching and service that we all adhere to and strive to uphold, a commitment that is at the root of why so many of us pursued graduate studies in the first place.

–Gary Guadagnolo, History