Update on Mandatory Graduate Student Fees in Fall 2019

On March 7, 2019, Graduate School Dean Steve Matson sent an Update on Mandatory Graduate Student Fees in Fall 2019 to directors of graduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. Dean Matson asked that the directors share the new plan with graduate students in their schools or departments so the students could be aware of the change and plan accordingly. Following is the Update to the directors of graduate studies:

We are pleased to announce a new plan that streamlines how we compensate many of our graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences and professional schools and are asking for your help in sharing this information. Beginning in fall 2019, the University will make a strategic investment in recruiting and retaining eligible master’s and doctoral students by updating our guidelines for payment of their mandatory student fees.

The Graduate School is proud to implement this plan with the full support of Interim Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Bob Blouin and University deans. We developed this plan to help address the inequities that exist in the ways that schools and units and other funders do or do not pay mandatory fees billed to master’s and doctoral students. This change is an important step forward in easing the burden of those fees that erode the full value of the stipend provided for teaching and research assignments and to increase the competitiveness of Carolina’s graduate programs to recruit the best graduate students.

To qualify, graduate students must:

In most cases, mandatory student fees will be paid by the same funding source that covers stipend support. Federal research grant funding may be used to cover some, but not all, mandatory graduate student fees. The Graduate School will encourage units to make up that difference. Students will still be responsible for individual program fees charged by the College or professional school. Graduate students who pay their own tuition will continue to pay mandatory student fees.