Working or Volunteering at NC State Department of Health

March, 25, 2020

From: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

To: Graduate Students and PostDocs

I have just received very important information from the Chancellor’s Office, Central HR and our SoM Dean’s Office regarding State and University policies related to dual- and/or secondary-employment for UNC-affiliated employees, including graduate students and postdocs. This information is particularly relevant to individuals who are currently identified as CDME/ME [Communicable Disease Mandatory Employees/Mandatory Employees] and their expected work obligations during this COVID-19 crisis.

  1. Individuals who are currently listed as CDME/ME are not permitted to hold dual- or secondary-employment at another State institution/organization, because their primary and essential work responsibility is to UNC.
  2. As always, reporting of secondary employment is required of all UNC personnel, even temporary employees. Please email me if you believe you or a member of your laboratory needs to make a disclosure. Faculty, you do not need to contact me about your previously-approved EPAPs.
  3. Individuals who are NOT currently listed as CDME/ME are permitted to volunteer for other organizations, including State organizations, but they cannot receive payment for their duties.
  4. With regard to the recent blast email request sent to graduate students and postdocs to request applications for qualified “clinical laboratory students” to work in the NC State Health Dept. COVID-19 testing lab: Individuals (both CDME/ME and non-CDME/ME) may apply to volunteer, but they cannot accept payment. If accepted for volunteer duties, these individuals may be at significantly increased risk of live coronavirus exposure and potential exposure to individuals with asymptomatic viral infection. Therefore, individuals who choose to volunteer in this capacity must notify their direct supervisor (PI) and Department Chair and will be required to undergo a 14 day self-quarantine, based on CDC guidelines, before returning to work at UNC. Therefore, please be advised that during the time of volunteering activities, and for 14 days after, individuals will not be permitted to perform CDME/ME-related duties at UNC.

I hope that these guidelines and policies provide clarification, as well as a level of reassurance in our very strong commitment to follow State employment regulations and protect the health and safety of our research and hospital communities during this extraordinary time.