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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the developments concerning COVID-19, all members of The Graduate School staff are working remotely until further notice. At this time we are unable to process hard copy paperwork that arrives at The Graduate School, including official transcripts. If possible, official transcripts should be sent to The Graduate School electronically. Additionally, we encourage electronic communication with our Admissions and Enrolled Student Specialists team as much as possible during this time.

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I am facing new financial difficulties because of the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. Is there a way for me to get help paying for my expenses, including housing, food, travel and technology?

Answer by UNC:
Carolina students facing financial hardships because of the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak can apply for assistance through the Carolina Student Impact Fund. The fund will provide emergency support for various expenses on items such as housing, food, travel and technology to students who are unable to meet the unexpected financial burdens resulting from the effects of the novel coronavirus.

Undergraduate, graduate and professional school students who need financial assistance due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 should complete the financial assistance request form. Additional information about the Student Impact Fund are available in the Financial Questions section of the CV-19 Student Care Hub FAQ page.

How do I place a course on or remove a course from pass/fail for the spring or summer 2020 semester?

Answer by Office of the University Registrar:
Graduate students requesting a pass/fail accommodation will have their request reviewed by the class owner (i.e., the department or school offering the class). At the graduate/professional level, some courses cannot be taken pass/fail due to accreditation or other academic issues. Once you submit your request, it will be routed by The Graduate School for approval. You will receive notification of the decision once it is processed.

Graduate School Emergency Pass/Fail Grading Accommodation Form

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