Guidance to Program Directors - Fall

August, 19, 2020

Dear Colleagues:
As you know, we are in the midst of a very challenging and fluid situation as the University continues to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. I hope that you and yours are doing well.

As a reminder, the Roadmap for Fall 2020 allows for groups of no more than 25, requires face coverings, and stipulates that individuals must maintain 6 feet distance between each other. Please continue encouraging students to defend remotely and allow them to deliver public seminars through Zoom or other web-based platforms. Graduate School policy already encourages programs, committees and students to have flexibility as needed for remote completion of degree milestones, such as exams, proposals and defenses (see sections on Rescheduled or Remote Examinations in the Handbook). There is no need to consult The Graduate School for approval of remote participation in oral exams or defenses. Honor Code policies apply to remote examinations just as they do when examinations are conducted face-to-face. We encourage students, advisors and their committees to reach agreement on time and mode for examinations, being mindful of prioritizing the best interests and needs of the student.

If unusual circumstances present themselves, please consult with our team for advice on applicable policies and procedures. As always, the goal is to ensure our students can make timely progress towards their degrees. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions and stay tuned for new developments in this very fluid situation.

Stay Well!