Graduate Catalog Updates

2016-2017 Graduate Record Updates

Deadline for Submission: Thursday, February 25, 2016

Editing Information

It is now time to update the Graduate Record. This edition will be online only and will be updated annually. It is the official record of all graduate programs at UNC-Chapel Hill. Please use the drop down box below to locate and update all of your unit's information in the Graduate Record.

Please add, delete and correct text as necessary in your program's file. We will contact you if discrepancies are noted.

As with the last edition, course descriptions will be updated by the Office of the University Registrar. All course changes should have already been made through CRAS by the January 15, 2016 deadline; these changes will be reflected in the publication.

Formatting your files!

You will see that these files contain bold, italic, varying point sizes, indents, etc. It is very important that you retain as much of this formatting as possible when you are making your updates. Please do not make wholesale changes of fonts, point sizes, bullets, italics, bold, etc. If you are adding certain text that should be bolded or italicized, please go ahead and make the bold or italic in the document while you are adding the text.

Once all file updates have been completed, you will receive the file back for a final view.

Please make sure only one person submits final, approved text for your entire unit to eliminate confusion.

Locate and update your department's or school's section using the drop-down menu below.

Academic Program or School:

Submission Instructions:

After updating these documents, email the attachments to

If you have any questions, Please contact Lou Anne Phelps at or call 919-962-8145.

Thank you.