Academic & Professional Development:
Academic Skills & Supports

Building Academic Skills at Carolina

Academic skills & supports

  • Many campus offices offer in-person and online resources that can help you navigate some of your toughest academic challenges. Reach out to the staff at these campus offices for consultation, guidance, and support.
  • Asking for assistance as soon as you realize any potential difficulties will help you prepare in advance and save you significant time and distress.
  • Asking for help can be hard, especially if you feel like you OUGHT TO know how to do something by this point in your academic and professional career. We all feel that. Don't let that OUGHT TO feeling stop you from leveraging all the opportunities that are available to you.

Accessibility Resources and Service (ARS)

  • You should register your diagnosed and documented disability with Accessibility Resources and Service even if you're not sure you want to request and use accommodations. Having documentation submitted, reviewed, and confirmed in advance will prevent any unnecessary delays.
  • In order for ARS to consider requests for reasonable accommodations (including academic, housing and dining accommodations), you must submit the documentation to ARS AT LEAST 14 CALENDAR DAYS PRIOR to the start of the course or the event or time for which you're seeking accommodations.

Writing Center

University Libraries

Odum Institute

  • Regardless of what discipline you're in, data analysis is critical to good research, so make to check out the multitude of research support services are available through the Odum Institute, from qualitative and quantitative research, to survey research and data management, to multimedia and transcription services.
  • Short courses, video courses, and other educational opportunities are available throughout the year.

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