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On-Line Version Spring 2003
Building Native American Scholarship and Community One Piece At A Time
On the Cover:
A glimpse into the growth of Native American scholarship at Carolina and the students who are digging into the past, rethinking old stories and finding lost history.


Message from the Dean
This year the Graduate School proudly celebrates its 100th anniversary. For over a century, graduate education has flourished at Carolina, thanks to the dedication of the leaders who have come before us.

What's New
Examining T.A. pay, talking research ethics, teaching in the U.S.A., campaign notes

From the Source
Beverly Rockhill, UNC alumna and assistant professor of epidemiology, on risk factors for breast cancer and how women can get accurate information about the disease.



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As Medicare suffers budget cuts, will aging America feel the pain?
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Conservationist and Author Joins Scholars for Tomorrow
Private donors help attract outstanding students.

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