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On-Line Version Spring 2004
Health Care Under the Microscope
On the Cover:
Graduate fellows in the Scholars for Tomorrow Health Care Ethics Seminar debate hotly contested issues such as living wills and health care in the developing world from a myriad of disciplinary perspectives.


Message from the Dean
Interdisciplinary collaboration and problem solving are two of the hallmarks of graduate study at Carolina.

What's New
American Indian studies; Creating a graduate community; A symbolic pinnacle

From the Source
Brian Nablo, Ross and Charlotte Johnston Family Dissertation Fellow in the Royster Society of Fellows, is harnessing the power of nitric oxide to reduce the potential for bacterial infection.


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Mining for answers
Award winner Hye-Chung Kum gets results for North CArolina by connecting computer science and social work.
Hye-Chung Kum
Star-gazer with a purpose
Graduate student astronomer Mercedes Lopez-Morales discovers a new star.
Mercedes Lopez-Morales
Crossing borders
Professor Jonathan Hess leads the University Fellows into interdisciplinary territory.
Jonathan Hess
Cleaning water, saving lives
Royster Fellow Rick Johnston works to remove poison from the world's water supplies.

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