The Fountain

Water Works
Spring 2013

The Big Picture
Terry Rhodes and Jamie Bartram
Across the globe, we all share a need for water. Carolina's faculty and students have embarked on two years of research, outreach and celebration focused on our relationship to this invaluable resource.
Water Facts
Water Facts
Koalas don't drink water, but humans can only go a week without it. What else can water teach us about life in our world? (And why are our blue jeans are more precious than we think?)
Testing the Waters
Child with test kit
Graduate student Alice Wang has traveled the world, applying her research on water contamination to communities in urgent need.
Water + Jellyfish = Marine Math
Christina Hamlet
Consider the anything-but-boring jellyfish: inspiration for innovation as cool as underwater vehicle design and as helpful as filtering water after an oil spill.
The Power of Water
The Power of Water
Multimedia journalism student project 100 Gallons documents, in vivid detail, how water powers life from birth to death.
Drips, Drops and Water Spots
Damian Stamer's art
MFA student Damian Stamer uses a variety of tools to create art that has fluidity and a strong sense of place.
Lane Change
Reid Jones
Athletic training master's student Reid Jones works with and studies Carolina's swimming and diving team to pinpoint what exactly is causing shoulder injury and, ultimately, how to protect these athletes.
Making Waves
Tommy Sheppard
Tommy Sheppard studies U.S. naval history, including the rapport between officers and the Secretary of the Navy (and President). He finds the relationship has not always been smooth sailing.
Dark Water Rising
Dark Water Rising
The name of a North Carolina river inspires the name of a talented band, which blends aspects of the Lumbee culture with a mainstream sound.
From the Source: Danielle Spurlock
Danielle Spurlock
A professor's story led Royster fellow Danielle Spurlock to study ways that planners and public health officials can enhance watershed protection.
Using Data to Predict the Future of Water Worldwide
Christine Boyle
Christine Boyle received her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011. Before she graduated, she founded her company Blue Horizon Insight to address water issues in the United States and abroad.
Drips, Drops and Water Spots: Extended Feature
Damian Stamer
Artist Damian Stamer: “I'm drawn by the immateriality of clouds…So the idea of capturing them, this almost mist, with something solid like paint is really interesting to me.”
Alumna's Training and Talent Help Her Communicate the Water Institute's Story
Enelda Butler
Enelda Butler never learned how to swim. She always wanted to learn, though, and she thinks working for the Water Institute just might motivate her to jump in.
Royster Fellows Foster Scholarly Discussion about Water
Royster Fellows
What's the big deal about water? And what do a journalism professor, geology professor and public health visiting scholar each have to say about it?
Weiss Fellows Unite Water Justice Advocates
Charles Weiss
In an event demonstrating Carolina's continuing emphasis on engaged scholarship, five experts deliver “lightning round presentations” on issues centering on water justice and community outreach.
GEAB: Making a Difference
Harold Glass and Aadra Bhatt
Businessman and professor Harold Glass knows what graduate students need to succeed in dissertation research: time. He has made a tremendous contribution toward meeting this need at Carolina.

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