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Spring 2013
Water Works
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About The Fountain

In front of Bynum Hall, which houses The Graduate School, stands a spectacular fountain. It is a popular gathering place and welcomes visitors to the University. The title of this magazine, which was first published in 1999, is inspired by this landmark. The Fountain showcases the pursuits and accomplishments of individual graduate students, while also reflecting the dynamic, holistic, multi-disciplinary view of graduate education at Chapel Hill.

The Fordham Fountain in front of Bynum Hall
  • The fountain was a gift from the undergraduate Class of 1988 to honor Chancellor Emeritus Christopher Fordham III, who also served as Dean of the School of Medicine, and died in 2008.
  • A volleyball court once graced the area on which Fordham Fountain now stands because Bynum Hall served as a gymnasium from 1905 to 1937.
  • The Fordham Fountain was completed November 1995.
  • Stone amphitheatre seating and brick walkways surround Fordham Fountain to create a venue for outdoor class meetings and small ceremonies.

A special thanks to our donors: The Fountain is produced exclusively with private funding.