Graduate Student Transportation Grant

The Graduate School is not currently accepting applications for the Transportation Grant. Please check back regularly for updates.

The purpose of the Graduate Student Transportation Grant is to assist graduate students with some of the transportation costs necessary for travel to a regional, national, or international academic conference or professional society meeting to present their research.


You are eligible if:


Award Amount

The amount of the award depends on the current availability of funds. You may receive a partial award depending upon review of request, criteria met, and availability of funds. The transportation grant is limited to actual transportation costs only (i.e. airfare, train fare, bus fare, personal car (mileage), taxi, or shuttle bus), up to the appropriate maximum. We recommend that you find and apply for additional sources of travel funding. You are responsible for providing receipts to document expenses. All expenses must be reasonable and justified.

How to Apply

  1. The Graduate School considers applications throughout the year and processes awards once per month. Grants may be awarded in full (up to $400 for domestic and $1,000 for international) or partially. You will be notified via email of the decision. Since funds are limited, we urge you and your sponsors to seek additional sources of travel funds whenever possible.
  2. With your application, you must submit the following:
    1. Proof of presentation at conference (invitation to present/copy of presentation schedule)
    2. Proof of actual cost of travel through online quotes/estimates if the request is for planned travel or receipts if the request is for prior travel.
  3. Once you submit your application through the online system, the Graduate School will notify a contact within your department. Your department must review and nominate your application before it will be received by the Graduate School. There is no limit to the number of nominations each department may submit.

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