Changes Coming to Student Payments

To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads


Date: April 26, 2021

Re: Changes Coming to Student Payments

In fall 2019, a group of campus units met to begin a comprehensive review of student payments, including financial aid, compensation, reimbursements, non-service, and other payment types. As the project grew in scope and impact, it was formalized by the sponsors in early fall 2020, a charter was created, and several working groups were started. The project team and working groups reviewed how students currently receive funding, current policies, and processes. When the review was complete, they recommended changes that will ensure the University remains compliant with federal and state regulations, and University policies and reducing risk to the University. At the same time, the group attempted to make improvements to the user experience and provide clear guidance to make it easier for campus and departmental staff to correctly make and record payments to students. These important changes will be implemented in August 2021.

Types of Payments Included in the Project

Students receive a variety of payments from different sources, and many of these payments should be included in calculations for determining a student’s federal aid eligibility. However, due to inconsistencies in processing, a lack of comprehensive guidelines and confusion on payment type definitions, many of these payments are currently not being categorized correctly.

The payment types involved in this project are:

HR/Payroll was reviewed as part of the project and no changes are recommended at this time.

Major Changes and Impacts

As August approaches, the project team will communicate and deliver training to campus units and students in a variety of ways. Business managers will be notified well in advance to allow enough time for planning changes to their staff workloads and ensure staff are fully trained.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the project sponsors listed above.