Graduate student health insurance and GSHIP

GSHIP administrative processes

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Graduate students who meet the eligibility requirements, must be enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP). Once enrolled in GSHIP, BCBS will waive students out of the mandatory student health insurance plan. Students who decline GSHIP coverage (and have private health insurance coverage) must waive out of the mandatory student health insurance plan.

When an eligible student graduates, the student must be removed from GSHIP. Students who graduate in December must be removed effective December 20. Students who graduate in May must be removed effective May 31. Students who graduate in August terminate May 31 or July 31 at the discretion of the academic department.

When the Spring semester has ended, the eligible student continues to be covered under GSHIP from the period of June 1 through July 31 as long as the student will be enrolled in the upcoming Fall semester.

GSHIP minimum stipend is $8,000 per policy year, beginning fall semester 2023.