Welcome to UNC!

UNC was first chartered in 1789 and opened in January 1795. Graduate education began in 1876. As of fall 2019, there are 8,245 graduate students, 2,478 professional students, and 19,154 undergraduates. There are currently over 80 programs offering more than 160 different graduate degrees.

As students CHART their time at Carolina, we want them to remember a few things that will assist them in making the most out of their experience.

Incoming and Current Students

The Graduate School provides direction and guidance to incoming students on settling into life at Carolina and to current students on navigating the highs and lows of graduate student life.


The Graduate School can help connect you to funding options. You can apply for merit-based grants, awards, fellowships and assistantships. Many of these funding awards include full tuition support. You may also apply for financial aid, including need-based grants.

Diversity and Student Success

The Graduate School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believe in providing a rich, multicultural, and diverse learning environment for all students and faculty.

Professional Development

The Graduate School offers significant professional development opportunities to prepare students at Carolina for academic and career success.

Graduate Student Center

The Graduate Student Center (GSC) is a central meeting space for graduate and professional student groups.

Frank Porter Graham Honor Society

The Frank Porter Graham Graduate and Professional Student Honor Society (FPGHS) acknowledges the outstanding contributions of graduate and professional students, as well as faculty, staff, and friends of the University.