GradStar Account Codes

Award Type Account Code Description in Finance Account Code
In-state Tuition Award Tuition – Graduate Assistant
All fund/sources
Available for FALL/SPRING award entries only
Tuition Award Fellowship – Non Serv Non St
Non-state fund/source
Tuition Award Fellowship – Non Serv State
State fund/source
Emergency Payment Awards – student 569190
Fees – Allowable Traineeship Fees – Grants Allow
(account is used for all fund types)
Fees – Unallowable TraineeshipFee-Fed Grant Unallow
(account is used for all fund types)
Fellowship/Scholarship Fellowship-Schol Undergrad 569134
Fellowship/Scholarship Fellowship-Schol Graduate 569135
Research/Internship Research/Intern Undergrad 569140
Research/Internship Research/Intern Graduate 569141
Travel Travel Award Undergraduate 569144
Travel Travel Award Graduate 569145
Prize/Contest/Recognition Awards - Student 569190
Training Grants - Stipend Training Stipends- Financial assistance to students during a period of training 568710
Training Grants – Dependency Trainee Dependency Allowance- Supplements to stipends for trainees with dependents 568720
Training Grants – Books Trainee Book Allowance- Financial assistance to trainee students for books during a period of training 568740
Training Grants - Travel Trainee Travel 568750
Training Grants - Other Trainee Other- This account is for all charges not covered in other account codes, authorized by terms and conditions of the awarding agencies. 568760
Training Grants – Non-Degree Trainee Non-Degree 568770