Changes Coming to Student Payments

To: Graduate Students


Date: May 25, 2021

Re: Changes Coming to Student Payments

As students at the University North Carolina at Chapel Hill, you are involved in many types of activities and may receive opportunities and payments from a variety of sources. Changes are coming to the method and timing of how you receive payment for some of these opportunities.

Before we go into the details of these changes, it’s important to understand these two policies:

To ensure UNC-Chapel Hill is compliant with federal and state regulations, the University has taken a comprehensive look at payments to students and recommended some changes. These changes should not only ensure compliance with regulations but also provide timely disbursement of awards and reduce the instances when students may be asked to return funds to the University.

Changes to Financial Aid Payments

The changes identified include:

Important Reminders

NOTE: Even if you’re already receiving direct deposits for paychecks through Human Resources, you also need to sign up for electronic refund to receive credit balances from your student account (for financial aid awards).

Financial Resources for Students

Budgeting and financial planning:

Tax Questions:

Who to Contact?

For questions about funding from your department, contact your department’s business manager, student services manager, or director of graduate studies.

For questions about how your financial aid may be impacted, email the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.