GradStar Transactions and Journal Entries

Journal Entries

GradStar sends transactions to the Finance part of ConnectCarolina via CBM (customer billing management). During this process, journals are created and ultimately posted to ConnectCarolina. The information in this document explains the details of GradStar transactions that are viewable as journal entries.

Description Data
Journal Date Date
Journal Source GRD (GradStar)
Journal Description Term + Award type + Awardee name
Journal Line Reference PID of awardee (student)
Journal Amount Amount
Sample Journal Descriptions 2219FSA Jason Student
2219TUI Julianne Scholar
2219 FEE Sonja Studimore


The breakdown of each number in a term translates as follows: First digit = the first number of the century; Middle digits = the last 2 numbers of the year; Last digit = the semester (9 =Fall, 2 =Spring, 3 =Summer I, 4 =Summer II).

Term Period
2219 Fall 2021
2222 Spring 2022
2223 Summer I 2022
2224 Summer II 2022
2229 Fall 2022

Award Types

Award Type Award Type Description Account
TUI Departmental Award-Tuition 568120
FEE Allowable Departmental Award-Fees 568731
FEN Non-allowable Departmental Award-Fees 568732
FSU Fellowship-Schol Undergrad 569134
FSG Fellowship-Schol Graduate 569135
PCR Prize/Contest/Recognition 569190
RIU Research/Intern Undergrad student 569140
RIG Research/Intern Graduate student 569141
INS In-state Tuition-used in CIRA 568810
TGB Training Grants – Books 568740
TGD Training Grants – Dependency 568720
TGN Training Grants – Non Degree 568770
TGO Training Grants – Other 568760
TGS Training Grants – Stipend 568710
TGT Training Grants – Travel 568750
VSG Travel Award Undergrad 569144
VSU Travel Award Graduate 569145