Guidelines for GRE Test Score Waiver Petitions

Updated: August 2014

The current policy, approved by the faculty Administrative Board of The Graduate School, requires GRE test scores, with recommended minimum thresholds, as part of the admissions application process for all applicants to graduate degree programs. One approved exception is for applicants who already hold a research or professional doctorate degree (by request from the admitting academic program).

Academic programs may also request substitute test scores specific to their discipline, most commonly MCAT or LSAT scores, be used in place of the GRE. Programs wishing to have a substitute on file in The Graduate School may submit their proposed exam substitute in writing and confirm that any applicant to their graduate program has this exam substitute option available to them.

The following guidelines are intended to assist academic programs that may wish to petition for a waiver of standardized test scores as part of the admissions application. Please note that international applicants will still be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores.

Waiver petitions should be submitted to the Academic Policy Committee of the Administrative Board of The Graduate School for review and approval. Proposals will be evaluated at regularly scheduled meetings during the academic year and will only be approved for the upcoming year’s admissions cycle. All proposals should address the following points:

The Academic Policy Committee will offer feedback as appropriate on proposals prior to a vote. Prior to beginning formal planning, please contact the Associate Dean for Academics to discuss the proposal, address questions, and review sample petitions.

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