Helpful Hints for Developing New Graduate Degree Programs

at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Overview of the Process

The process of developing new graduate degree programs is a creative and challenging endeavor. It starts with extensive discussions among faculty and administrators to design the best program for the discipline(s) and then proceeds through University committees where the proposal is examined from a University-wide perspective. Many administrative offices on campus have an interest in how new programs are designed because of their responsibilities to provide accurate information to students, administrators, legislators, and state and national agencies. After receiving endorsement by all the appropriate University units, the proposal will then go to the UNC System where it must be justified and evaluated from the System and state's perspective.

At any step along the way, recommendations for improving/revising/expanding the proposal may be made by UNC-CH faculty, administrators and staff, and by the UNC System. Such recommendations should be considered by the proposing department or curriculum as a means to build buy-in among all reviewers and ensure a new program’s success.

From the very beginning of the project, become thoroughly familiar with the formal guidelines for program development (both the Request for Preliminary Authorization and the Request to Establish) as outlined in the Academic Program Development Procedures found on the UNC System website.

Consult Broadly

It is never too early to seek advice and guidance from others during the proposal process. Ongoing University-wide planning may provide important information and support that can enhance the process at the program level. Meet with faculty and chairs of other programs who may have developed similar proposals and obtain their advice on what to include and how to plan. It is appropriate to forward copies of drafts of your proposal documents to:


Updated January 2021