Royster Society of Fellows

First Year Seminars Taught by Royster Fellows

Royster fellows have the unique opportunity to teach a First Year Seminar. These courses are designed for incoming undergraduate students with no prior college experience. The format invites students to:

Listed below are previous First Year Seminars taught by Royster fellows.

Fall 2023
'Says Who?': Climate Research and the Pursuit of Truth” taught by Hunter Hughes (Earth, Marine and Environmental Science), Josh Miller (Nutrition), Rebecca Patterson-Markowitz (Geography), and Aurora Yu (Philosophy)
“'Says Who?': Climate Research and the Pursuit of Truth” syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2020
Bones, Borders, and Bureaucracies: Statehood Across Asia” taught by Arianne Ekinci (History), Christine Mikeska (Anthropology), and Adams Nager (Public Policy)
"Bones, Borders, and Bureaucracies" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2020
In the Flesh: The Constructed Body in Medieval and Renaissance Europe” taught by Allison Gose (History), Lanier Walker (English and Comparative Literature), and Jennifer Wu (Art History)
"In the Flesh" syllabuspdf icon
"The Constructed Body in a Disembodied Platform: Interdisciplinarity and Team Teaching in the Age of Covid-19", Jennifer Wu, Allison Gose
Fall 2019
Science and Society: The Hidden Forces That Drive Scientific Inquiry” taught by Chad Hobson (Physics and Astronomy), Joshua Conrad Jackson (Psychology and Neuroscience), and Kate Saylor (Public Policy)
"Science and Society" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2018
Happiness: Mind, Body, Society” taught by Khoa Nguyen (Psychology and Neuroscience) and Yiolua Sigounas (Anthropology)
"Happiness: Mind, Body, Society" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2018
From Laboratory to Layperson: Scientific Literacy and Communication” taught by Casey Berger (Physics and Astronomy), Luis Maldonado (Nutrition), and Eric Trexler (Human Movement Science)
"From Laboratory to Layperson" syllabuspdf icon
"Language We Live by: Language in Cognition, Learning, and Organization" taught by Min Tang (Philosophy), Krisitin Bedell (Education), and Elliott Hauser (Information & Library Science)
"Language We Live by" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2017
"From Madness to Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Making of Mental Health" taught by Elena Casey (Romance Studies), Nithya Srinivas, (Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics) and Nikhil Tomar (Allied Health Sciences)
"From Madness to Mental Health" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2017
"The Measured Life" taught by Katy Ascanio (Economics), Nathan Markiewitz (Psychology), Michael Little (Education)
"The Measured Life" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2016
"Colonialism, Power, and Resistance" taught by Carlee Forbes (Art History), Aubrey Lauersdorf (History), Meredith McCoy (American Studies)
"Colonialism, Power, and Resistance" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2016
"Me, Myself, and Why: Explorations of Human Identity" taught by Mary Domenico (Communications), Nick Levis (Biology), Rachel Gelfand (American Studies)
"Me, Myself, and Why: Explorations of Human Identity" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2015
"Risky Business" taught by Maya Nadimpalli (Environmental Sciences & Engineering), Sarah George (English & Comparative Literature), Kashika Sahay (Maternal & Child Health)
"Risky Business" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2014
"Our "Modern" Culture of Drugs" taught by Matt Haynes (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Nelson Brunsting (Education), Jenna Clark (Psychology)
"Our "Modern" Culture of Drugs" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2013
"Magic, Religion, and Science - from the Middle Ages to the Present" taught by Maia Dedrick (Anthropology), Melati Nungsari (Economics), and Shaily Patel (Religious Studies)
"Magic, Religion, and Science - from the Middle Ages to the Present" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2013
"Evolutionary Patterns" taught by Christopher Dahlie (Communication Studies), Hayley Dirscherl (Biomedical Engineering), Hanlin Luo (Materials Sciences)
"Evolutionary Patterns" syllabuspdf icon
"Happiness" taught by Stevie Larson (Geography), Kiran Bhardwaj (Philosophy), Akinyemi Oni-Orisan (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
"Happiness" syllabuspdf icon
Spring 2011
"We the People: How We Imagine Collectives in America" taught by Freya Thimsen (Communication Studies), Brenda Baletti (Geography), Jenna Tiitsman (Religious Studies)
"We the People: How We Imagine Collectives in America" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2010
"Sex and Politics: Reproducing Humanity" taught by Paul Gilbert (Health Behavior & Health Education), Joseph Gindi (Religious Studies), Autumn Thoyre (Geography)
"Sex and Politics: Reproducing Humanity" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2009
"Protest and Propaganda" taught by Andrew Belton (English), Ted Gellar-Goad (Classics), Oluseyi Alaba (Information & Library Sciences)
"Negotiating Identity" taught by Megan Kassabaum (Anthropology), Karla Martin (Education), Yannick Orthodoxou (Psychology)
"Negotiating Identity" syllabuspdf icon
Fall 2008
"Cheating Death" taught by Elena Clark (Slavic Language and Literatures), Vincent Gonzalez (Religious Studies), Leigh-Anne Krometis (Environmental Sciences & Engineering), Michelle Leslie (Genetics & Molecular Biology)
"Cheating Death" syllabuspdf icon
"HIV-AIDS Religion & Morality" taught by John-Charles Duffy (Religious Studies), Ella Nkhoma (Epidemiology), Jonathan Sullivan (Microbiology & Immunology), Jenna Tiitsman (Religious Studies)