Developing Distance Education Graduate Programs

Campus distance education program development guidelines must follow the framework provided by the UNC System and the Board of Governors. The Academic Program Development Procedures and templates are found on the UNC System website.

Distance education programs in which 50 percent or more of a degree program is provided must be authorized by the UNC System Office (UNC-SO). Important principles to note in developing, conducting and assessing degree-related distance education activities are:

Existing Graduate Degree Programs

Request to Deliver

Proposals for offering currently authorized graduate degree programs off-campus (e.g., site-based or online) must submit a Request to DeliverMicrosoft Word icon and associated financial worksheetsMicrosoft Excel icon.

Submission to UNC-SO may be sent at any time, but allow at least three months prior to the proposed date of establishment OR when the institution is required to notify SACSCOC (whichever comes sooner). Special tuition and fee requests take additional time.

Once reviewed and approved by UNC-SO, they will notify the Provost, who will inform the University and campus offices involved. The program will be evaluated together with the usual assessment process for the Department or Curriculum.

New Graduate Degree Programs

If the proposal to plan and establish a distance education degree program is for a new academic degree not currently offered at UNC-Chapel Hill, the regular Academic Program Development Procedures will be followed along with the Policies for Distance Education Programs. The relevant templates for brand new degrees will be used and should include information about the online or site-based aspects of the program.