Academic Policy Committee

The Administrative Board of The Graduate School and its Academic Policy Committee (APC) oversee academic programs and policies in graduate education on campus. For additional information about the topics that come before the APC please see Curriculum Change Guidelines and Resources.

APC Meeting Schedule and Deadline Dates

Meeting Date Final Proposal Submission Date (one week prior) Draft Proposal Submission Date* (three weeks prior)
Tuesday, 9/12/23, 2-4pm 9/5/23 8/22/23
Wednesday, 10/11/23, 2-4pm 10/4/23 9/20/23
Monday, 11/13/23, 2-4pm 11/6/23 10/23/23
Monday, 2/5/24, 2-4pm 1/29/24 1/15/24
Thursday, 3/7/24, 2-4pm 2/29/24 2/15/24
Tuesday, 4/9/24, 2-4pm 4/2/24 3/19/24

* It is recommended that faculty sponsors provide drafts for review well in advance to allow time for feedback and revision. Meeting agendas can fill quickly.

Dates and deadlines for the upcoming academic year are generally published mid-summer.

For assistance in developing and routing a proposal, please contact the Associate Dean for Academics. We are happy to address questions and work with you throughout the proposal development and approval process.