Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowships

Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowships support doctoral students conducting dissertation research away from the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

Types of Fellowships

Type of Fellowship Description
General Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship One semester.
Werner P. Friederich Fellowship One academic year. Preference for study in France or Switzerland. Humanities programs only (includes History)


You are eligible for the Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship if:

Consistent with UNC System guidance, Carolina is prohibiting University-affiliated international travel. Recipients traveling internationally must receive an approved exception prior to their award being disbursed..

Recipients should register Doctoral Dissertation Credit (994) only.

Special purpose fellowships:

You are eligible for the Werner P. Friederich Fellowship if you are a doctoral student in the Humanities (including History). Preference goes to those who need to study or conduct research in Switzerland or France.

Before applying for any of these fellowships, you must:

The Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship should be your primary source of support for the term. You may not hold any other service award, fellowship, scholarship. Additional funding opportunities require Graduate School approval.

You may apply for an Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship if you have a five-year Royster fellowship. If awarded, this fellowship counts as a service semester.

You cannot apply for the Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship and the Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the same term.

If you received the Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship in the past, you cannot apply again.

Selection Criteria

Your application will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

View an in-depth description of the review and selection process.

Award Amount

The fellowship includes a non-service stipend, tuition, fees, and health insurance.

  General Friederich
Stipend $10,000 $20,000
Tuition Full tuition (3 credits of 994 only; campus rate only; does not include school-based tuition)
Fees Included
Health insurance Included
Length of support 1 semester 1 9-month academic year
RA/TA position No service appointment, fellowship, scholarship or outside employment may be held during the award period without prior approval from The Graduate School.

Depending on funding, this award may change from year to year.


Each program may nominate two students per semester for the general fellowship. Each program may also nominate an additional student per year for the Friederich Fellowship.


Check the funding deadlines calendar. This deadline is for program nomination. You must complete your application before your program can submit the nomination.

How to Apply

  1. Please check with your department for any internal deadlines.
  2. Prepare an abstract, research description, workplan, research description, curriculum vitae, and IRB approval (if necessary). Arrange for one letter of recommendation from your dissertation advisor. Be sure to follow the application guidelines.

    We encourage you to apply for IRB approval as early as possible so IRB approval does not hold up your award.

  3. Get feedback on your research description from a person outside of your field to ensure it is understandable by a general audience.
  4. Submit your materials to The Graduate School Award Online Application.

Your recommender will receive an email asking them to submit a recommendation through the online system. Your application is not complete until your advisor submits the recommendation.

Your program will receive a notice that you have submitted your application. They will not be able to submit the nomination until your advisor enters their recommendation.

Application Guidelines

We will not consider your application if you exceed any of the page limits or do not follow the proper format.

A complete application includes:


Format: No More than ½ page. Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and your name on each page.


Research Description

Address your research description to an audience of intelligent reviewers who may not be familiar with your field. Clearly explain the importance of your research. Do not use jargon or technical, field-specific terminology.

Format: No more than 3 pages. Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and your name on each page.

Depending on your field of study, include:

Research Progress, Work Plan, and Timetable

Format: No more than 1 page. Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and your name on each page.


Citations (optional)

Curriculum Vitae and Other Sources of Funding

Format: No more than 2 pages. 12-point font, 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and your name on each page.

Letter of recommendation from your Dissertation Advisor

You will include your advisor’s email address in your application. Your recommender will receive an email asking them to submit a letter of recommendation.

Instructions for recommenders:
Each letter of recommendation should be no more than 4,000 characters (spaces included), which is approximately 600 words or one single-spaced page.

Letters of recommendation should be written “To the Fellowship Committee.”


IRB approval (if necessary for your research)

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