Graduate Student Transportation Grant

The Graduate Student Transportation Grant supports graduate students who travel to and present their research at academic conferences and professional society meetings.

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You are eligible if:


Award Amount

Travel Destination Maximum award
Domestic U.S. $400
International (including Hawaii) $1,000

How to Apply

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  1. The Graduate School considers applications on a rolling basis, according to fund availability.
  2. You may request pre-approval for a Transportation Grant before you travel. We will consider pre-approval requests for trips that end before June 15th. You must submit documentation of expected travel costs (online quotes; mileage maps; etc.). All transportation grants are based on actual costs. You must provide receipts before to the award is disbursed.
  3. You must submit your materials to The Graduate School Award Online Application System. With your application, you must submit the following:
    1. Proof of presentation at conference (invitation to present/copy of presentation schedule)
    2. Proof of cost: quotes/estimates for planned travel or receipts for completed travel
    3. Approved travel exception form (international travel only)
  4. We will notify you and your program of the decision and next steps via email


Transportation Grant awards are a form of financial aid. We will report awards to the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, and payment is coordinated with other aid you receive. Use the Cost of Attendance & Aid Calculator to see how the Transportation Grant impacts your financial aid eligibility. You can request a review of your personal cost of attendance by submitting a Graduate Financial Aid Budget Increase Request Form.

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