Continuous Enrollment Policy

Dear Colleagues and Students in Graduate Education:

Thank you for your recent input and feedback on the proposed revisions to the Continuous Enrollment Policy in the Graduate School. In keeping with our desire to thoroughly consider your feedback, I have made the decision to delay implementation of revisions to the policy. This decision is based on numerous conversations with students, faculty, administrators, and others involved in the process of revising our current continuous enrollment policy. While continuous enrollment remains the policy for graduate students at UNC Chapel Hill, we will revisit some of the current university constraints in order for the revised policy to ensure equitable implementation while also meeting the needs of all graduate students and faculty.

Many of you have worked hard on the first draft of the revised policy and I thank you. We hope to continue to receive constructive feedback and involvement as we continue this process.

Steven W. Matson
Professor of Biology
Dean of the Graduate School

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