The Dean and the Administrative Board of the Graduate School are now discussing the revision of our continuous enrollment policy for graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The policy is still in draft form with the opportunity for feedback.

Please read the announcement from the Dean regarding the timing for implementation of the revised CEP.

The motivation for revising our Continuous Enrollment Policy (CEP) at Carolina is its increased benefits for graduate students. The desire is for all enrolled students pursuing graduate degrees to maintain continuous enrollment from matriculation until completion of all degree requirements. Continuous enrollment is defined as registration during each semester (Fall, Spring) of the academic year until the degree is attained.

While a continuous enrollment policy exists on campus already, its current structure is vague, inflexible, confusing, and not conducive to creating a sustained supportive environment for our graduate students. The following pages detail the work that has been done to date by students, faculty, and staff in researching and developing a revised CEP to better meet the needs of our graduate students and faculty.