Graduate School Forms

Form List
Form Description
Admission Application Online admission application.
Current Financial Certificateexternal link icon Financial Certificate which must be completed by all international applicants.
UNC-CH Employee Application Fee Waiverpdf icon For use by permanent full-time UNC-CH employees to request waiver of the application fee to Graduate Admission.Form not to be used for other admission applications. Human Resource Employee Benefits Office approval is required.
Master's Students
Master's Comprehensive Exam Reportpdf icon To report results of comprehensive exam, or approved substitute.
Report of Approved Substitute for Master's Thesispdf icon To report satisfaction of an approved substitute for the master's thesis.
Recommendation to Proceedpdf icon Completed and submitted to the Graduate School for students who initially enrolled at the master's level and who, upon satisfaction of all requirements for the master's degree, have been given permission to proceed to the doctoral level. See Permission to Proceed policy.
Recommendation to Bypass Master's Degreepdf icon Completed and submitted to the Graduate School for students who initially enrolled at the master's level and who, upon satisfactory evaluation, have been given permission to bypass the master's degree and proceed to the doctoral level. See Bypass the Master's Degree policy.
Doctoral Students
Petition for Off-Campus Rate Adjustmentpdf icon Completed and submitted to The Graduate School for doctoral students who must be away from campus completing academic requirements, to petition to be charged a reduced fee rate. See Off-Campus Reduced Fee Rate policy.
Report of Doctoral Committee Compositionpdf icon Part I is used to report committee member names and relevant faculty status.
Report of Approved Dissertation Projectpdf icon Part II is used to report approval and title of dissertation project.
To report results of written, oral, and final examinations (defense).
General (used by both Master's and Doctoral Students)
Program Certification of Degree Requirements (PCDR)pdf icon By approving this form, the graduate program is certifying that the student has met all program requirements for degree clearance. See Program Requirements policy (masters students) or Program Requirements policy (doctoral students).
To request transfer of academic credit earned at a previous institution, or at this institution before admission to a degree program at the Graduate School. See Transferring Course Credit policy.
Request Extension of Timepdf icon To request an extension of time for 1) completion of degree OR 2) removal of IN/AB grade. See Extension of Time Limit policy.
To request a Minor field of study be recorded on transcript and required coursework posted within student record. See Electing a Minor policy (masters students) or Electing a Minor policy (doctoral students).
Request Leave of Absencepdf icon To request a formal leave of absence. See Leave of Absence policy (masters students) or Leave of Absence policy (doctoral students).
Request Reinstatementpdf icon To request reinstatement to the Graduate School after having been declared academically ineligible to proceed. See Reinstatement policy.
Readmission Applicationpdf icon To re-enter a graduate program after being away (not enrolled) a regular semester (spring or fall) while still within 5 year (Masters) or 8 year (Doctoral) to complete degree. Must be received in Graduate School by deadlines at bottom of form. See Readmission policy.
Request to Teach Course Within Academic Programpdf icon To request permission for graduate student to teach a graduate level course within their own academic program. See Students as Faculty policy.
Waiver of Hours Formpdf icon To request conferral of full-time student status for a specific term when such status not automatically conferred as a result of registration. Must contain departmental information and be submitted once registration is present. See Waiver of Hours policy.
To request leave for a full-time graduate student who is the primary child-care provider immediately following the birth or adoption of a child. See Graduate Student Parental Leave Policy.
Graduate Faculty Appointment Submit, along with a current C.V., to have a non-tenured track UNC faculty member, or an individual outside the University, appointed to the Graduate School faculty.

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