Insurance information for graduate students

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All graduate students enrolled in at least 1 credit hour, in a degree-seeking program, and eligible to pay the student health fee at UNC-Chapel Hill are required to show proof of active health insurance coverage. For information about the mandatory health insurance requirement visit the Campus Health website. Proof of active creditable health insurance may include:

GSHIP: BlueCross BlueShield Student Blue RA/TA Insurance Plan

Important note on health insurance for graduating TAs and RAs:
When an eligible student graduates, the student must be removed from the insurance program, per the University's Finance Division policies. Students who graduate in December must be removed effective December 31. Students who graduate in May must be removed effected May 31. Candidates for graduation are strongly encouraged to contact their academic programs to confirm their health insurance termination date as they prepare for graduation. Visit the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program policies and procedures site for more information.

If you have a Research Assistantship (RA) or Teaching Assistantship (TA), you will be enrolled in GSHIP by your academic department. For information on getting enrolled, contact your department’s student services manager. For more information on plan benefits, consult the BlueCross BlueShield website for the UNC-CH RA/TA plan.

The policy year is August 1 – July 31. You must meet the following requirements to be enrolled in the RA/TA insurance plan:


GeoBlue Student Health Insurance Plan

This plan, made available in cooperation with BlueCross BlueShield, is specifically for international students. For more information on plan benefits, consult the GeoBlue website. International students will receive specific GeoBlue enrollment instructions through International Student and Scholar Services and Campus Health.

Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan

This plan, administered by BlueCross BlueShield of NC, is for students who do not have other creditable insurance coverage. Each semester the insurance premium amount is charged to your account in your Student Center in ConnectCarolina. You must register for classes to activate your insurance coverage. For more information on plan benefits, consult the BlueCross BlueShield website for the UNC-CH mandatory plan. You will receive an email weekly from Campus Health reminding you to take action.

Hard Waiver Process

If you have other creditable insurance coverage, you must complete the waiver process each semester before the published deadline. For details on the waiver process, deadlines and procedures consult the Campus Health website.