The Fountain

Spring 2011 — What we did last summer…

The Big Picture
Leaders' Personal Experiences Shape a Vision for Graduate Student Support
Sleuthing in the Stacks
Archival Work at the Library of Congress
Service with a Side of Learning
The Carolina Economic Revitalization Corps
Sequoyah's Language: Lost & Found
Carolina Graduate Students Reviving the Cherokee Language
Greasing the Wheels
Even with extraordinary intelligence, ideas and motivation, sometimes a doctoral student's research gears need a little grease. For students in some fields, that is the lubricant of “time.”
How Does Alcohol Change the Brain?
Seeking Answers in the Lab
From the Source
Head of the Class
It's Not Easy Bein' Green
—but Fellows From the Green Plus Institute for Sustainable Development Are Here to Help
Globetrotting and Problem Solving