The Fountain

Spring 2012 —
Graduate Alumni Head in Many Directions

The Big Picture
Steve Matson
Bringing Heart, Soul, and Innovation to Graduate Education
Coaching On and Off the Field
Danny Morrison
Time and time again Morrison, President of the Carolina Panthers, has seen the importance of a good mentor.
Curiosity Propels Lifelong Learning
Peace Sullivan
Peace Sullivan lives by the adage “You never stop learning.”
Love of Languages Translates into a Career of Service
Fran Hoch
Fran Hoch's love of language started as a child, and has influenced her career choices.
Humble's Work Improves Healthcare
Charles Glenn Humble
Charles Glenn Humble has dedicated his entire career to solving problems and improving the American healthcare industry.
A Passion for Helping Others
Donna Bainbridge
Donna Bainbridge, physical therapist with the Special Olympics, works with athletes to prevent injuries through her now-international program, FUNfitness.
Royster Alumna Brings Her Research to Life
Andrea Williams
Becoming a professor was not originally AndreĆ” Williams' career goal.
Innovator Braces for Challenges
Glenys Thorstenson
Glenys Thorstenson makes people smile for a living.
Broad Knowledge Prepares for the Unknown Path
Tom Sox
Stepping back to look at the bigger picture, Tom Sox sees that the breadth of his graduate school education was more valuable than the depth.
Appreciating Life in All its Forms
Tori Hoehler has experienced life all around the world, and is now looking for it on other planets.
From the Source
Micaela Mercado
A Catalyst for Change
Bringing Heart and Soul to Graduate Education: Extended Interview
Paul Hardin
Extended interview with Chancellor Emeritus Paul Hardin
Prestigious Fellowship Advances Artist's NYC Dream
Jason Osborne
Jason Osborne says he can see himself teaching art someday, but for now he's focused on being a working artist in New York.