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Halloween on Franklin Street

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Halloween Celebration on Franklin Street

If you are looking for something to do on Halloween, look no further than Franklin Street. Begun in the early 80s with a few town residents, their children and a few college students strolling up and down Franklin Street, the gathering has become known as the Halloween celebration of the Southeast. The event took on a life of its own so that now Franklin Street swells to about 50,000 people after 9:00 pm. Costumed revelers stroll up and down the street into the wee hours of the morning admiring one another's costumes. Be warned, however, at some point there is no longer room to stroll and the place resembles a mile-long mosh pit. The celebration is not an official town event and the council officially discourages people from coming in from out of town, but it seems to do no good. Resigned to their fate, the town has made efforts to make the celebration more orderly and safe without making it an official town-sponsored event. In 2002, the town began busing party goers to satellite parking lots and announced that the street would be blocked to traffic after 8:00 pm. [39].

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