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Weaver Street Market

In many ways, Weaver Street Market mirrors the philosophy and history of the earlier Carrboro Farmer's Market. Weaver Street began in 1988 with a mix of financing from the town of Carrboro, a loan from Self-Help Ventures, and individual community support, demonstrating the potential success of community initiative paired with governmental support. The co-op is much more than a grocery store, though. From late-spring to early-fall the co-op hosts live music on Thursday nights and Sunday morning Jazz brunches, with local non-profit organizations selling food, wine and beer. In addition, the Board of Trustees has become actively involved in promoting alternative, locally owned businesses in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill Area. They have outlined a five-year plan that includes the creation of downtown housing co-operatives (Weaver Community Housing Association was begun in 2002), the formation of a community radio station (plans should go forward soon pending FCC approval), and the coordination and support of efforts to start a downtown Carrboro bookstore. Their philosophy is to open community-owned grocery stores that serve as an anchor of downtown businesses and attract an array of locally-owned, easily accessible merchants to downtown. This philosophy, it is hoped, will create incentives for people to walk or bike downtown and supports town-wide efforts to develop a pedestrian friendly infrastructure. A second Weaver Street Co-op recently opened in Southern Village (2003) and the co-op is in the process of purchasing a building in Hillborough for a third store. And don't forget the food! It's everything an epicure could want and worth the visit just to look.

For more information, visit: www.weaverstreetmarket.com/about/.

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