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Andy and the Ghost

Thomas Wolfe

Gimghoul Castle

Birds of a Feather

What's a Tar Heel?

Carrboro Steps Forward

UNC's First Computer

Manning Drive

Horace Williams House

Residents of HW House

Area Street Names

Mount Mitchell


Swim Test

Need a Ride?


If it ain't Broke...

Joy in the Morning

Hinton James

A Noble Tradition?

Painting the Town Blue

Di and Phi Societies

Photo Collage of Chapel Hill and Carrboro - History

The Graduate School at UNC-Chapel Hill

All Text and Photos © 2004.

Andy and the Ghost The Legend of Gimghoul Castle Joy in the Morning Mason Farm and Old Chapel Hill Cemeteries Hinton James The Stair with No Bottom A Noble Tradition? Mount Mitchell The Horace Williams House The Forest Theater Sherman Spares Chapel Hill McCorkle Place