Privacy Protection Policy

The Graduate School takes your privacy seriously, and we work to preserve survey respondent confidentiality in the following ways:

  1. Raw survey data are stored in a secure location that can be accessed only by a small Graduate School Data Team, all of whom have received IRB training and none of whom are associated with a specific academic program.
  2. Any data made available to the general public are reported in aggregate form only, which cannot be broken down by survey/graduation year. Please see the PhD Career Pathways Alumni Survey page on our website for an example of how these data are displayed.
  3. Data are aggregated from surveys answered over multiple years so that responses cannot be associated with particular graduation cohorts. Graduation date and survey year are not shared with academic programs or any other group. Instead, each response is grouped into one of the following bins:
    • 3 years from graduation at time of survey
    • 8 years from graduation at time of survey
    • 15 years from graduation at time of survey
  4. Select authorized program users may be given access to aggregated information specific to their alumni provided there are at least 5 responses for each of the three bins described above. Academic programs that do not meet this threshold will not have access to their aggregated data until enough responses are collected to meet this requirement.