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Intangible Qualities

The Fountain is an annual publication of the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The purpose of this publication is to showcase the achievements of graduate students, to inform readers about new Carolina graduate education programs and activities, and to highlight the important impact of private funding on graduate education at Carolina. The Fountain is supported by private gifts from generous alumni, friends and donors of the Graduate School.

This year’s edition of The Fountain examines the intangible qualities of graduate education that affect excellence at Carolina.

These intangible qualities span across a broad range of disciplines, whether you are a student who explores science in the lab, or who creates works of art in the studio. You cannot see, measure, or count these qualities, but you can sense them.

The National Research Council has been collecting data that will be used to rate doctoral programs. We expect the final report to be released in the near future. The NRC’s ratings will offer valuable, comprehensive information based on extensive quantitative data, but scores and statistics reveal only part of the picture.

This issue fills in the blanks and explores the abstract characteristics that are so hard to quantify, yet can make all the difference in a graduate student’s experience. These articles offer a handful of examples of interdisciplinary collaboration, collegiality, applied research, and innovation at Carolina, painting the rest of the portrait of graduate education quality.

The Fountain is produced by graduate students under the guidance of Sandra Hoeflich, Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Education, Fellowships, and Communication. Luca Semprini and Jeremy Cramer are Co-Senior Editors. Brian Conlin is a contributing writer and Rebecca Prettyman is a contributing editor. All four students are master’s candidates in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

We hope you will enjoy this year’s issue. Please send your ideas and feedback to sandra_hoeflich@unc.edu.

—The Fountain Staff

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