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The Fountain is an annual publication of the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This publication showcases the achievements of graduate students, informs readers about new Carolina graduate education programs and activities, and demonstrates the impact of private giving to graduate education at Carolina. The Fountain is supported by private gifts from generous alumni and friends of the Graduate School.

This edition of The Fountain highlights the pursuits of graduate students during the summer.

This edition of The Fountain highlights the pursuits of graduate students during the summer. The languid, dog days of summer are unheard of for these students, who invest considerable time and energy in their studies during these months. These activities vary widely for students in different fields and disciplines.

In some areas, such as lab sciences, students work on their research projects during the summer much the same as during the other months of the year. For other students, particularly those in professionally oriented master's programs, summer can be a time to pursue internships and gain practical experience applying the skills learned in the classroom. For doctoral students in the humanities and social and behavioral sciences, the summer provides an opportunity to pursue research away from campus, such as in libraries and archives, or to collect data in other locations—in different counties, states or around the world. Graduate students might use these months to learn a new skill or take a course not offered during the academic year, such as a unique language immersion or specialized methodology course. Clearly, a graduate student's summer is anything but sluggish when he or she has the time and resources to pursue unique endeavors.

Though the summer can offer countless opportunities for graduate students, they must tackle the challenge of supporting themselves and paying expenses related to these activities. This is often a daunting task.

This issue of The Fountain tells the stories of several students who benefited from their summertime pursuits and how they overcame financial obstacles, many times with the help of gifts from private donors. As you will see, in the process of their own edification and skill building, they were also a boon to the organizations and people with whom they interacted, building the reputation of UNC-Chapel Hill in the process.

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