Supportive Community

Social Support and the friendships you develop in the Society bring lively perspectives and fun to the seriousness of graduate studies. You will likely enjoy meeting people you would otherwise probably have never met and make friendships that will continue for your lifetime.

Hear from the Fellows: Social Support & Friendships

Royster Social Media

The social media committee has created Twitter and Facebook accounts. The internal Royster Facebook group is used for anything you would like your colleagues to know about, academic or otherwise; topics are as diverse as scholarly activities and planning for fun group activities.

The Twitter account (@UNCRoysters) promotes the Royster Society and its Fellows' activities and facilitates their visibility. Please follow and encourage others to do so!

Social Activities

We plan various social activities throughout the academic year so you can get to know each other and have some fun during the year. Previously held events include the Fall Social Event at the N.C. Botanical Garden, the December Holiday Party celebrating the end of the semester, as well as field trips to museums, stage shows, hiking and various other activities.

We focus on academics but know cohort bonding and work/life balance are important as well! Let us know if there are any activities you are interested in and we can start planning!