Supportive Community

The Royster Society hosts a variety of activities throughout the year aimed at encouraging a sense of community for the Fellows while also supporting their research and goals. Events such as Motivation Monday and Focused Friday offer opportunities for fellows to work on individual projects while gathered together in a quiet and productive space. Fellows also organize service efforts related to mental wellness, mentoring, and other important issues.

Social activities such as the fall celebration and the May commencement reception allow Royster Fellows to celebrate milestones together.

Royster Fellows also benefit from the leadership of the Royster Distinguished Professor for Graduate Education who is responsible for continuing to increase the visibility and excellence of the Royster Society of Fellows in a variety of ways. The Royster Distinguished Professor actively plans and leads interdisciplinary learning opportunities and mentors Fellows, particularly those in their first and final years.

The current Royster Distinguished Professor is Tori Ekstrand. Read more about Tori Ekstrand.

Hear from the Fellows: Social Support & Friendships

Social Activities

We plan various social activities throughout the academic year so you can get to know each other and have some fun during the year. Previously held events include the Fall Social Event at the N.C. Botanical Garden, the December Holiday Party celebrating the end of the semester, as well as field trips to museums, stage shows, hiking and various other activities.

We focus on academics but know cohort bonding and work/life balance are important as well! Let us know if there are any activities you are interested in and we can start planning!