Funding & Travel

Funding and related benefits are generous and structured to meet your own specific needs over time.

The Basic Structure of Your Stipend

The basic pattern of financial support has been developed in collaboration with our doctoral programs to enable your highest level of academic accomplishment and timely completion of your doctoral degree.

During the first and final academic years of your program, you will have the opportunity to focus exclusively on your own coursework and research. These are referred to as "nonservice years" to reflect the fact that all of your basic funding comes from the Royster Society of Fellows during those years with no expectations for teaching or research service to others.

During the second through fourth years, you may teach and/or conduct research within your doctoral program to develop your skills in teaching and research, or you may be funded by external fellowships or internal training grants. By discussing this with The Graduate School in advance, you create flexibility to best meet your unique needs and opportunities.

Tuition, Fees and Health Insurance

As a Royster Fellow, you also receive full tuition support, fees and health insurance for five years of your graduate studies. In-state tuition and health insurance are prorated by stipend source, and The Graduate School provides out-of-state tuition and fees every year.


Additionally, as a Royster Fellow you will receive a personal travel allowance so you can present your research at conferences and take advantage of professional development opportunities. This personal allowance supplements travel funding resources from your graduate program, The Graduate School, and any special travel grants you may win competitively.

Hear from the Fellows: Royster Funding