Leadership & Service

  • Opportunities for you to develop your own leadership skills abound.
  • You can pursue your own personal interests and provide service to others within the Royster Society of Fellows.

Hear from the Fellows: Leadership & Service

High School Mentoring

You will be offered the opportunity to work with a teacher at Carrboro High School (CHS) to develop a one-to-one mentorship program for students enrolled in an AP Honors Seminar at CHS. Students in the AP Honors Seminar have been identified by a metric as having a high probability of success in AP-level courses, but have never enrolled in an AP or honors level course prior to their junior year.


The Royster Advanced Mentoring Program (RAMP) pairs you with Covenant Scholar undergraduate students who are considering graduate school. The Covenant Scholar program offers opportunities for eligible low-income students who have earned admission to UNC-Chapel Hill to graduate debt-free.

Stigma Free Carolina

Stigma Free Carolina is a UNC-Chapel Hill community campaign aimed at reducing stigma toward mental health concerns and treatment. By accurately defining mental health, educating the community, and dispelling negative or false beliefs about mental health and its treatment, we can help everyone be their best selves and reach their full potential. You can check out their Stigma Free Carolina website and sign up to join this initiative.