Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Interdisciplinary intellectual engagement and diverse colleagues

Interdisciplinary experiences in research teaching and service are hallmarks of the Royster Society of Fellows.

  • Engagement with diverse, creative doctoral students and faculty from graduate programs across the campus and from throughout the world enable you to interact and learn within incomparable environments.
  • Interdisciplinary experiences in research, teaching and service are hallmarks of the Royster Society of Fellows.

Research Seminars

Royster Fellows in the final year of their program present a portion of their dissertation work to other members of the Royster Society within research seminars and are very popular within the Royster Society. Once per month, six-to-eight final year fellows give a 15-minute presentation to the Society. These very popular presentations allow you to learn from Fellows outside of your own disciplines.

First Year Teaching Seminars

As a Royster fellow, you will be allowed the unique opportunity to teach an interdisciplinary undergraduate course at UNC-Chapel Hill. Each First Year Teaching Seminar team includes three Royster Fellows from different disciplines and all actively create and teach the course together. Many Royster Fellows have said they believed this experience to be one of the most important and useful experiences they have had in graduate school.

Hear from the Fellows: Interdisciplinary Collaborations