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Chapel Hill and Carrboro boast a number of beautifully restored and maintained historic homes. Located at 610 East Rosemary Street, the Horace Williams House was first built as a simple farmhouse in the 1840s. Several people owned the house before it became the possession of Horace Williams, chair of the Philosophy department, in 1897. Upon his death in 1940, he bequeathed the House (along with all of his property) to the University.

The Horace Williams House is One of Chapel Hill's Oldest Homes

Although Mr. Williams has been deceased for many years, some people are convinced that he still haunts the House, and moves items around as he sees fit. Over the years people have reported fire utensils being moved from one side of the fireplace to the other, a rocking chair that occasionally rocks by itself, and toilets that have flushed themselves. Some have even claimed to have conversations with Horace's ghost. The rumors of haunting became so pervasive that a local organization, Seven Paranormal Research, undertook an investigation that, unfortunately, turned up very little.

With additions, the present day house is an eclectic combination of several architectural styles ranging over the second half of the 19th century. The Horace Williams' House is now home to the Chapel Hill Preservation Society, which hosts a number of events in the home throughout the year, and is also open to the public. To learn more about their conservation efforts and for more information on the art, culture, and history of Chapel Hill, visit the Preservation Society's website www.chapelhillpreservation.com.

For more information on the house itself see:http://www.hauntednc.com/ and http://www.chapelhillpreservation.com/horace.html.

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