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Few may be aware that Chapel Hill was once the site of a Hollywood world premiere. That was the occasion in 1965 when the current site of the Gap clothing store, near the corner of Franklin and Columbia Streets, was honored as the site of the premiere of Joy In The Morning (tagline: "Love is more than a goodnight kiss!"). Residents recall Franklin Street being closed to traffic, lines around the block, and the appearance of stars Richard Chamberlain and Yvette Mimeux.

The Gap Now Occupies the site of the Debut of Film Feature Joy in the Morning

Chapel Hill received the honor due to the film's being based on the book of the same name by Betty Smith, author of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, who settled in Chapel Hill in her later years. The book and film are a semi-autobiographical tale of a young couple, Carl and Annie, who get married against the wishes of their parents. Young Carl's parents are so displeased that they cut him off from all financial support just as he is beginning law school. The film, shot in and around Chapel Hill, chronicles the struggles of the newlyweds on their own for the first time.

Alas, history was as unkind to the film as it was the old theater. While apparently well received by teenaged girls, it was not a favorite of critics and bombed in its wide release.

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