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Thomas Wolfe

Traces of author and UNC alumnus Thomas Wolfe (who should not be confused with another well-known author, Tom Wolfe, the author of A Man in Full and Bonfire of the Vanities) can be found all over Chapel Hill. In the heart of UNC's campus, at the northeast corner of the New East building along Cameron Avenue, is an 850-pound bronze relief sculpture of an angel, mounted on a concrete slab. Designed by Richard W. Kinnaird of the UNC Department of Art, the sculpture commemorates Wolfe's most famous novel, Look Homeward, Angel.

Travel west along Cameron Avenue to find Playmakers Theatre, where Wolfe wrote and performed under Playmakers' founder, Professor Frederick Koch.

Cut north through the Main campus, and right before reaching Franklin Street, you will come to the Vance-Pettigrew-Battle Hall complex, originally a dormitory in which Thomas Wolfe resided [9].

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