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Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week

Graduate and professional students are a combined 36% of UNC-Chapel Hill's total student enrollment. Our graduate and professional students contribute so much to Carolina. This week has been designated to celebrate those vital contributions.

Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week is April 6-10, 2020.

Read the Message from campus leaders on Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week.

Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Graduate School Dean Suzanne E. Barbour share statements on the role of these students at Carolina:

Graduate students are essential to our University’s research, teaching and service. Working closely with faculty mentors, graduate students at Carolina pursue innovative discoveries and lead efforts that make a difference in North Carolina and beyond. Their hard work and dedication in solving the world’s challenges and training the next generation of leaders is critical to our commitment to being the leading global public research university.

I’m truly inspired by Carolina’s graduate students. Even as they work toward carefully considered academic and professional goals, Carolina’s graduate students are also motivated to help others on our campus succeed. They teach undergraduate students with enthusiasm and encouragement, they support efforts that recognize our University’s faculty and staff members, and they participate in service that benefits our local community.

Graduate students establish important connections between UNC-Chapel Hill and communities across North Carolina and around the world. They seek collaboration, value compassion and apply their knowledge in novel ways. On behalf of our University community, I thank our graduate students for all that they do.

—Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Chancellor

A strong public institution like UNC-Chapel Hill is only as strong as the people who drive its research, teaching and service missions. Carolina graduate students play critical roles in all three of our University’s missions. These students are rising researchers and scholars who ask the insightful questions that move their disciplines forward. They are gifted educators who both teach and inspire undergraduates to follow their own dreams. They are dedicated public servants whose work across the state brings comfort, relief and honor to the people of North Carolina.

We join as a community to celebrate the achievements of our talented graduate students. I congratulate them on all that they are accomplishing and wish them all the best for the future. I also thank the dedicated faculty, staff and administrators who help to facilitate their success.

—Suzanne E. Barbour, Dean of The Graduate School

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